About Us

HOME 3D LAB is one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date 3D printer information websites.

Home 3D Lab’s fascination about new emerging technologies in additive manufacturing led us to create simple, structured and informative one-stop site that will help our readers find relevant information about 3D printers and accompanying technology.

The idea behind founding Home 3D Lab emerged some 2 years ago from lack of websites that deliver full spec for desktop 3D printers, samples, and objective reviews. And finally, after a great deal of effort and struggle, it is online. Enthusiasts behind creating this site are looking forward helping readers and users to deliver the best of what additive industry has to offer.

Home 3D Lab will be dealing with additive technology for mainly home and advanced users. Our main subjects are DESKTOP 3D printers, 3D imaging technology, materials and 3D imaging software. We will not be dealing with industrial grade 3D printers for obvious reasons: price and unavailability for non-commercial users.

In time, with your help, we hope to create a community that will help new and existing users resolve issues and get the most of the additive manufacturing tech. For time to come, we will grow together in knowledge and experience.

All help and support from you will be greatly appreciated.

Your H3DL team.

PS: because our limited time and resources (this is our side project, we have obligations and jobs) please be patient while resolving technical issues and adding new functions on our site.

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